Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Super Run

A couple of days after the Torchlight 5K, my friend from high school, a fellow runner mom, posted that she had an entry to The Super Run. She was training for a marathon and had bigger training plans on the day of the race.

Unfortunately, if I wanted to participate, I needed a baby-sitter, at least for my older two kids. I figured I could bring my youngest with since he was still nursing pretty often. The friend that I got the race entry from also happened to have a single-jogging stroller that she gave to me. Once I solidified a sitter, I was good to go. I was about to run another race only four days after my last.

Now, it's not technically allowed in most races to give your bib to someone else. There are too many people that cheat, especially in marathons. However, the Super Run was a relatively small scale race, and there wasn’t even an official time. So, I didn't feel too guilty about using someone else's bib.

The race was a little unorganized and a bit chaotic. After starting on a college track, where people ran the wrong way and were poorly guided, the next part of the course went down a big hill and then after that, of course, we had to go back up the hill. Ugh. It was humid, and I was pushing the jogging stroller. There were a lot of sidewalk congestion issues. I felt bad for having the stroller, but I did my best to stay out of other people’s way. I had to stop a couple of times to tend to a very sleepy boy, who eventually gave in and slept for about half of the run.

Needless to say, my time wasn't great, even though according to my GPS app the course was only three miles long. After experiencing the high of the Torchlight, the Super Run was slightly disappointing. Regardless, it was a fun experience because some of the costumes that people ran in were amazing! I have no idea why or how people run in crazy outfits. I had a hard enough time running in the cape that came with registration.

So, now I'd run three races. I was at the point where I absolutely planned on doing two more before my 35th birthday. It was just a matter of finding races that worked for me, because weekday races fit with my schedule better, but most races are on weekends. It just so happened that my neighbor won an entry through the “Summer of Run” to a weekday race that was scheduled for a little over a week away from the Super Run. So, naturally, I signed up to run with her, and you'll find out about that race in my next post.

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